How To Make Birria Tacos & Consumé


Learn how to make birria tacos at home with this cheesy beef taco recipe. Dip it in the birria consumé for a juicy bite. <br><br> This easy birria taco recipe is packed with flavor thanks to guajillo chili pods and our McCormick Street Taco Carne Asada Seasoning Mix. Get your blender and oven ready to make the marinade and to cook the delicious birria beef. What is birria meat? We use boneless chuck roast for our taco recipe. This homemade taco is even great for meal planning so make a bunch (no one eats just one taco), keep in the fridge and reheat for later. <br><br> Follow along with Louella from the McCormick Test Kitchen as she shows you step-by-step directions on making homemade birria tacos from scratch. <br><br> ⏲ 15min Prep Time <br> ⏲ 3h Cook Time <br> 👩‍🍳 8 Servings <br><br> Get the full <a href="">Beef Birria Taco recipe and steps</a>.

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